Poet Notes

I love to write poems, but usually only when I make a conscious choice to, or I'm teaching English, or the urge to expound is irresistable.



3 comments on “Poet Notes

  1. Write me one.
    Write me a poem about … gardening. Not an essay. Turn your essay into a word-crystal.

  2. This dirt needs breaking up.
    A seed in that won’t live!
    I turn it over and thump the clods,
    Bruising and cutting it apart.
    Then pour in water until it all runs out.
    A mess.
    How else could these seeds grow?
    Faith is knowing ~ the mess will be swept,
    The soil will settle down,
    And the vanished seeds
    Will one day spread their leaves.

    Hope can almost smell the flowers
    When all you see is dirt.

  3. Here is a poem of mine that you might like to read:


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