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If His kingdom were of this world……

Every day, I become less and less attached to this world, this world’s system, this world’s stuff, this world’s ways. The more I learn, the more I realize that there is absolutely nothing this world has for me.

I bought Switchfoot’s “Nothing is Sound” album recently, and I love how they are so spot in in so many ways:

“Nothing in the world could fail me now” – I love that. Nothing in this world can fail me. Why? Because if I don’t place my trust in any of it, then it can’t fail me. I haven’t rested on it in the first place, because “It’s empty as an argument.” It has no substance.

“Everything is bleeding. Everything is bleeding. Everything is breaking down, breaking down” – everything, piece by piece, stone by stone, the very earth itself is crying out. And so are the people, the whole earth over.

“I pledge allegiance to a country without borders, without politicians” – I pledge allegiance to the only country worth supporting, the last country, the holy country, God’s country. What does it mean to be Canadian? From God’s point of view? From the wealthy’s point of view? My view is certainly changing.

Ok, sounds pretty depressing. But it’s not. As I continue to place less and less of my faith in this life and it’s stuff, the things that are real, tangible, and eternal become brighter and brighter, and brighter. Father God, family, relationships, and healed/ransomed/restored hearts. That’s it. That’s all there is. My house means nothing. My van means nothing. My career. My computer. RRSPs. CDs. Vacations. Movies. It’s all a pile of dung, refuse, and rot.

But this process has been interesting. And I feel I must attempt to ask some of you along for a ride, if you’ll let me. Because if you can come and see some of the things I’m seeing, then your faith in society, in merchandise, in governments, in systems, in the culture, even in certain leaders (not all of course), will die an essential death.

It started for me in watching “Amazing Grace”, the movie, as I realized that slavery is still going on today in our “modern” world. Why? How could that be? I thought we had outgrown that kind of debauchery! And I started reading. And watching. Clicking and searching and reading and listening. One thing led to another, and another, and the myriad of dots I was encountering began to line up. And as so many writers I have encountered rhetorically ask, I had to ask as well, “How deep does this rabbit hole go?”

Pretty deep it seems.

So I have a lot to write about. But I have to start somewhere, so I’m going to start at 9/11, because every major part of present day society can look back at that day as its turning point – national budgets, foreign policy, domestic security. It was an epically historic day. We all said at the time that the world would never be the same. We were right.

Point blank, 9/11 was an inside job. Not negligence. Not incompetence. Not run by men in turbans. Ok, I lost some of you right there, but hear me out. I mentioned this fact/theory to a colleague one day last year, and he thought that it might be remotely possible, but he didn’t believe it. I asked him why, and his answer was that he couldn’t believe that the U.S government could be that evil. It didn’t make sense to him that they would deliberately carry out that kind of an act.

Well, as Christians we know that that kind of evil does exist, we just don’t usually believe that it’s in our leaders, here in the 21st century. However, when we study history, we see again and again, that it is there, and for us to believe that the world today has outgrown the capacity for that kind of evil better think about it again.

Why 9/11? Because it’s recent, the emotion is still tender, the day has influenced every major political decision of the last 7 years, and, surprisingly in some ways, the evidence to prove the official story is a bunch of bunk is so obvious and simple, that any of us can see it if we just open our eyes. Then if we can get past the initial shock as I did last year when I started on this journey, we will have to start asking even more questions:

1) If a government could do that to its own people, what else are they capable of? If they are complicit that act, what else are they complicit in?
2) How does this event fit into the bigger picture? Who else is involved?
3) How does knowing this change the way we live?

So that’s where I’m going to start. To be honest, I’m writing just as much for me, because I really want to nail this stuff down in my brain. I find that it’s so easy to let myself get distracted again by movies, shows, parties, books, work, sports, housework, games, whatever. So I am taking deliberate steps to crystalize the facts. But I hope you take some time to read, to think, to pray too. It’s amazing really. When all the distractions, the voices of this culture, begin to be seen for what they truly are, begin to be felt with the malice of their source, they no longer take much hold. They can’t fail me. And that sweet, still, small voice of Father God, Abba, Daddy, is a lot louder, and easier to follow, than it used to be.


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