Sinister Sites – US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Sinister Sites – US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Stumbled on this after looking at an SQ alert today. A reader sends a prophecy that God would destroy Colorado Springs because “there is a temple there that angers Me.” – the tetrahedrons are all 23 m long. This article citing repairs was posted on 3/22. The 17 spires didn’t click until I realized […]


  Do we sigh and cry for all the abominations that are done in our midst? Do the sins of our culture vex us? We are so CLUELESS as to the sins of this generation. We have lost the sighing and the crying (Ezekiel 8 and 9) about the sins of our generation. The abominations grow great, […]


Every day I spend at least an hour, probably two, in navigating the news, getting bludgeoned by the craziness of it all. But I have been wondering lately, really wondering, what’s the point? Most people that agree with me on the news are already convinced that we are being sprayed like bugs, the stock market […]

A Lego Movie Review – All that Glitters is Not Gold

The LEGO Movie: All that glitters is not gold.   Table of Contents THE GLITTER 1    THE BASIC PLOT 2   GNOSTICISM 4   SYMBOLS. 7   THE EVIDENCE 9   The Names: 9   The Horns of Moloch: 9   The Star of Ishtar: 10   Emmet’s mind 12   Magic Wand Inserted into Fish Mouth 13   Left Only […]

Latent Power of the Soul – Watchman Nee

I have some thoughts regarding Watchman Nee’s Latent Power of the Soul. I read the book about 3 years ago, and it impacted me greatly. I have come to the conclusion that it is a book that every Christian should read, as I think it is essential for understanding these times. Without going in depth, […]

Ancient Humans of Paracas Are Victims of a Twisted Tale by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell at AIG March 6, 2014 – A response

I read Dr. Mitchell’s article today. I can’t take the time to properly give a rebuttal to her cursory critique of the elongated skulls. But I felt it necessary to write a brief letter saying that I find it quite disappointing that AIG and Dr. Mitchell have so passively brushed off this issue. There are […]

Return of the Chimera

One has to wonder where some of the ancient ideas came from when it comes to creations like the centaur and minotaur.  Were they simply the stuff of imagination, of ‘fairy tales’, of bedtime stories? I think of the phrase at the Tower of Babel, when God said ‘and now nothing they have imagined they […]