No longer caring for living in someone else’s matrix, have taken steps to live in this world, but not be of it, glorying in the beauty of creation that is all around, realizing how every single atom that exists has a purpose in order to live a peaceable and meaningful existence – what goes into the soil is raised up into the plant and transferred into the fruit it brings, which goes into my body and enables me to live and breath – God’s design, God’s way, simple and elegant.

We cannot do it better then He has designed it.

Living life, loving life, loving people, keeping my heart soft and broken and humble, that I can live no other way that to submit myself to the will of the one Who made me, which is not a sign of weakness, but of strength, because that is the way we are made, to bring glory to the Father, and reveal Who He is in all that we do, to all around.


2 comments on “About

  1. hey darren, good to see you are still thinking and reflecting – even if not always publicly 😉

  2. Obviously I don’t check my comments enough. Wow Len, great to hear from you two years later! I still think and reflect, …but alas, not enough in written form. I will pop you an email.

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