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Every day I spend at least an hour, probably two, in navigating the news, getting bludgeoned by the craziness of it all. But I have been wondering lately, really wondering, what’s the point? Most people that agree with me on the news are already convinced that we are being sprayed like bugs, the stock market is completely rigged, our money is being slowly siphoned away, the food is poisonous, Sky Net is being built (note: I was at a conference recently, and one speaker said that Eton Musk, Amazon, and Google’s main goal right now is to build Sky Net, and then proceeded to show us three videos of progressive rocket landings by Virgin Mobile, with the last one a success, a huge step forward in launching permanent satellites around the earth), North American concentration camps exist, etc etc. So talking with them is simply a review of known news. The rest? They think I’m completely out to lunch, and there is no impetus to sit down and hash out years of documentaries and articles that show there is a shadow government. Take Ginrich’s recent quote about Donald Trump. Newt said that Donald isn’t “in” because he’s not in! He hasn’t gone through “the initiation rites” yet. People I listen to on the net are all over this. People that don’t don’t have a clue, and continue to march on along their merry way, expecting all to continue just as it always has. The fact that someone came out and said that Trump hasn’t participated in the initiation rites of the upper echelon secret societies flies right over their artificially sweetened heads.

So what’s the use of writing? I think somehow it’s more for me than anything. I have always found writing to be a good way to process my thoughts. Of course my own writing is now being navigated by some troll bot, adding my thoughts to the growing database being used by a growing artificial intelligence, but I don’t think that much matters anymore. The word ubiquitous comes to mind. I was talking about technology with my VP the other day, and he used the illustration of a river. Trying to swim up it is impossible, but having an exit strategy is of utmost importance. None of us know where the water fall is, but we’ll know when we get close, and then we implement a plan to make it to the water’s edge.

So the writing is for me. And hopefully, someone will come along and we can start dialoguing. And to be honest, I will finally be obeying. In order to do that, what I need to do is simply write, stop with being so doggone anal about “proving” all my points with links, and just enjoy the process. The news is out there for all to find. If you want a link, send me a comment, and I’ll find it for you. But really. It’s not that hard. Because at this stage of the big game, and think everyone has pretty well found the room they will be living in when the PHTF.




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