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Latent Power of the Soul – Watchman Nee

I have some thoughts regarding Watchman Nee’s Latent Power of the Soul. I read the book about 3 years ago, and it impacted me greatly. I have come to the conclusion that it is a book that every Christian should read, as I think it is essential for understanding these times.
Without going in depth, my thoughts in point form are:
1) Satan is not out to “get” humanity so much as to use them. “Trafficking in the souls of men”, which Nee quotes from Revelations on the first page, shows that man is a commodity to him. So there is something very valuable in mankind that he wants. It is definitely not all about “causing God pain” as I was always taught.
2) What we have he doesn’t have. This follows, and goes without saying, but it is an important point. I think this goes along the line of being “fit extensions” as Tom Horn has brought out.
3) What we have is this latent power that Nee brings up. Satan wants to put man in a position where man uses the soul power, but since it is tainted by sin, this power is of no use to God. In fact, in its essence it is evil.
4) This is the most important point I believe, but not the conclusion. It is ESSENTIAL that Christians today learn to cap their soul power, to render it useless. We must be dead – it is no longer us that lives, but Christ that lives through us. The modern day church is in grave danger of doing things presumptiously, of doing great works without the Holy Spirit. Since this will be in sin, it is then usd by Satan. It must always be God, and never us, that does the “greater works”.
5) After reading Ken Johnson’s book on Pagan Religions (Doctrine of Emanations for this point), and hearing Marcus Samuel mention one night how the Great Deceiver has actually deceived himself, I believe that Satan actually believes he can win a war with God. What he wants in these last days is to build a spiritual pyramid, with all the zombies underneath, all connected, all using their power willingly, and Satan wants to direct this power at the throne of God. I truly believe that that this is his end goal, and mankind is becoming willing dupes.
Again, I believe it is the remnant’s task to make sure that it is always the Holy Spirit working, and not us. I didn’t get that teaching much in the church. It always seemed as if I was supposed to be “doing great things” in the name of God, using God’s power like a sword. I now realize that that fits right into Satan’s hand.
Latent Power of the Soul is essential reading.

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One comment on “Latent Power of the Soul – Watchman Nee

  1. Your 4th point above is very important I believe also. Our soul (mind, will and emotions) very much need to be brought under the power of the Cross (to die) or else we fail to honor God as he demands. God is Spirit and in order for us to communicate with God we need do so only on the basis of our sold-out spirits. Isn’t that what you are alluding to here?

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