God Must be an Ego Fanatic

I’ve often thought about things I believe, and reasons to defend them. It’s not always easy. Take worshipping God. On the surface, it’s hard to explain away an omnipotent deity who demands our worship. Why demand? Why when we read Revelations are there thousands of thousands gathered around His throne, worhsipping and praising and going on and on. In fact, we even see that in the Bible God has actually created some beings whose sole purpose it is to praise Him day and night, incessantly for all eternity. It seems, say, a little egotistical.

I’ve been reading “Destined for the Throne” by Paul E. Billheimer, a truly great book that used to be on my dad’s shelf, but I don’t think he ever read. Hopefully I’ll blog about the main thesis one day, but I wanted to focus on one quote that really stood out to me yesterday.

“For any created being to make itself or any other thing but God the center of his world is catastrophic and self-destructive” – p.97

Bang – it hit me, one of those thoughts that I’ve had or heard before but it never really sunk in. There is nothing else worthy of our worship, and if we don’t worship the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth, we will worship something else. And that false worship destroys us. We can’t say that we will worship nothing, because whatever we focus our attention on and our time on becomes worship. If we spend our money on ourselves and on entertainment, we worship those things. If we spend our time and money on doing good works, we worship the good works. If we spend our time and money in worship of Father God, of doing the things He is asking of us, of being His child and His Son’s betrothed, then that’s where our heart is. But we will worship. We can do nothing less.

And if we direct our attention away from Jesus, away from His written word, if our focus is “other than”, we destroy ourselves. Only God is worthy. Only Father deserves our praise. Only Him.

And that’s not egotistical. That’s how it must be, because we are talking about the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, only true God, who always was, and always will be, the First, the Last, our Redeemer, Saviour, and Lord of All Lords. I was meditating on the upcoming Passover the other night and the blood on the doorposts and lintel, and I felt Jesus say to put down the book for a moment, and when I did, He shouted clearly in my spirit, I AM THE DOOR! I AM THE DOOR! I   AM   THE   DOOR!

And I worshipped Him.

God has these created beings to worship Him because of Who He is. It can’t be any other way, because if it could, He would cease to be Who He is. He would no longer be the centre. He would no longer be the only true and living Word. He would no longer be eternal. He would cease to be Adonai and Yahweh.

So I choose to worship nothing else but the One that must be worshipped. And you know what? It sets me free.


3 comments on “God Must be an Ego Fanatic

  1. Interesting thought. Seems a little narrow in scope.

  2. It is narrow. Jesus said, Broad is the way to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few be they that find it. Why few? Because it takes brokenness and humility to come to the place where we realize that we can’t find God on our own. He had to come to us.

    All those other belief systems that you are referring to (the non-narrow ones) say that if man does this and this and that and that, we’ll get to heaven/nirvana/utopia/enlightenment/divinity, whatever.

    We won’t. We can’t. There is such a thing as sin, and such a thing as perfection. The latter belongs to God, and for Him to give it to us, it has to be a gift. That gift is Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the soon and coming King.

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