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Libya – Another poster country for empire

Ever since the launch of Odyssey Dawn, I have been keeping my pulse on Libya. In fact, I admit that I didn’t know much about Libya before. Gaddafi was simply a weird, conceited man that who looked like a combination of Keith Richards and one of those guys who sang YMCA. And he is supposed to have been a brutal dictator who abused and killed his people indiscriminately.

At least that’s what we’re told. But if know anything of my journey the last several years, it gets harder and harder to believe anything we’re told. Why do we anyways? We were lied to repeatedly (as one tiny example) about those WMDS in Iraq.  Can we trust anything the media says anymore? There’s only 4 major multinational corporations that are all tied together with other corporations, oil, and governments. Shouldn’t we take a little more discriminating look at the facts before we pass judgment on Libya? A little late now, but the purpose of this article is to set the record a little straighter than “Take the mad dog out!”

Libya has (had….) the highest standard of living in the entire African continent. That’s a fact. As well,

1. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozy called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus
outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International
Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own
projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel
pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of
its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite
with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa,
December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of
$500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means
much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

The fact that our newly elected official oppostition, the NDP party of Canada, those saviors of the regular blue collar worker, voted unanimously to support Canada’s role in bombing Libya just serves to remind us that government is no longer to be trusted. I’m a little bitter because I voted NDP this last election. My own MP, when I asked him about this, informed me that the NDP decided to support this mission after being taught by Ed Broadbent, Alexa McDonagh, and Stephen Lewis that this was in the best interest of the world and of Libya, to remove Gaddafi from power.

And, let the drums roll please!!!!! (or are those war drums….), the same scenario is happening all over again with Syria and Iran.

I have a message for the war mongers – we don’t buy it anymore. Take our tax money, fight your wars, kill innocent people. Go ahead. We do not support these wars – we are against them. The blood which you desire so strongly will stain your clothes, your offspring, and your very heart, and the God of Justice will require it all of you. Their blood will cry out from the earth and will not bring what you think it’s going to bring.


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