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The Stoltz Fish Hatchery Scheme.

Michelle and I went camping for out anniversary up at Oyama Lake. The drive up was crazy. Ever been to Oyama
Lake? Go by minivan? Sheesh. Wish I had the Jeep for that trip. But
once we got there it was really great. Quiet, relaxing. We played
Settlers of Catan 3 times, and watched about a million baby trout near
the shoreline go crazy. I was walking down to the beach when I heard
what sounded like a waterfall. But that couldn’t be because there was
no stream. On closer inspection, it was these baby trout. The water was
black with them, and they were dancing, splashing, jumping. Later,
Michelle asked me to catch some so we could raise them in our pond and
eat them next year. Yes, we are now starting our own fish hatchery, right in our front yard. I went along with the idea, so scoop – there’s 100 or so in the pot. I
kept seven, but that was hard because they would keep jumping out of
the pot. Aha – use a lid.  Anyways, we checked on them the next
morning, and one had died. Mmmmm – Lake, or 10″ round pot with 2″ of water. The stress would have killed me too I reckon. I said they’ll never make it home, so we let
the rest go free. I guess we’ll just have to keep growing the goldfish,
and use them if we run out of food.

So summer is full of house stuff, VBS for the girls, camping next week
at Ellison (“I can’t wait Daddy. I’m going to start packing right now
and leave my stuff on the stairs.” “No, Abriel, because we don’t leave
for 5 days yet.” “Waaaa – but I want to!” “mmm-hmmm. …. Go to your
room until we leave. You can wait in there, and we’ll bring you your
food and a potty.” “Really, can I set up the tent in there too?”) Ok,
the last 2 bits were made up, but I’m sure you get it. Ahh, I’m playing
tennis, and the girls are taking swimming lessons at the end of August.

Summer – the backdrop for the stuff of legends.

Life is good.

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