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Americano please. Grande.


I poured the cream into the mug yet again. It was strange how the swirling of the cream in the frothy nectar brought pleasure. It was a rather large mug, so it needed a lot of cream, and each pour would produce yet another smile on my face as the dark brown became lighter and lighter. The outdoor table was a bit wobbly, and I pondered whether I should move to another. I couldn’t fix the wobble because the table was loose at the base. But the music inside was too loud, and distracting, and there was a rather tense woman at the next table. Perhaps I could eat my meal and put up with a little wobbly inconvenience. And I was quite comfortable. And the coffee was quite good. And I had a good view of the trees, and sky, and the ironically Laughing Moon overhead. I would stay put.

I had been looking forward to reading today’s paper, but the tense girl was reading it, and I would have to wait. Bother. Oh well, I’ll be happy reading the Globe today.

The meal was exquisite – very good for $8.95, and probably the best Cajun chicken quesadilla I had ever had. The salad was covered with the Okanagan’s best Raspberry vinaigrette. I was very hungry after a long day. I did notice parts of the salad were old, dark, rotting, but they were few and far between. I could easily remove them, and enjoy the rest of the crisp greens. I could not however rest my elbow on the table as I like to do, because the table would tip, and my precious creamy brown nectar was in danger of spilling. If I let it, this inconvenience was going to interrupt my solace, my quietude, my rest,.. my repose,…….my peace.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way. I’d forgotten that I could choose my emotions, that circumstances and other’s choices, no matter what they are, have no bearing on the peace in my soul. So a few events that aren’t what they should be….so what. Life is good, and I look up at the Creator’s moon and smile along with Him. Again.


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