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Providence and Provision

Once again, Father comes through, even when I least expected it. I got a position at George Elliott Secondary. I thought I would have to wait a few years before I found a perfect position, but I think it found me. I teach Principles of Math 10, 11, and 12, as well as Essentials Math 10. That means no prep! Yikes – oh, but wait a minute, I get an intern teacher too (PMath 11), which actually means that, for the most part, prep time is 25%. I simply have to keep my eye on her, and make sure the class is being taught well (which it most definitely is), help her out with advice, write a report here and there, and maybe take over the class in May. Did I mention that she is Christian? Still a baby time wise, but she is in the River, flowing right where God wants her. It is a blessing to be able to share that with a colleague. Let’s see, what else. I have practically no discipline problems – just the regular teenage stuff. The kids are great, and a joy to be around every day. The school is beautiful, practically new (www3.ges.sd23.bc.ca), and has one of the best theatres in town (so I can get my theatre bug out every now and again). The staff is incredible, making me feel very welcome. The staff room is about a 10 second walk from my classroom, where there is fresh coffee every morning about 9:30, and a photocopier, because many of you know how I need to photocopy in the middle of class all the time.

Like, yowsers. I just didn’t expect this. I was at Rutland Middle one afternoon, expecting to stay in a position there that would end in 6 weeks, and I get this message to call Ross (he does the hiring). I thought he was calling to say that I had the RMS position. “Hi Darren. I want you to call Des out at GES to interview for a senior math position out there.” Shake head, close eyes, shake some more. “Hunh?” I thought. And this job goes to June 30. Needless to say at this point, the interview went very well, and Des is a really great principal. We hit it off well.

“More abundantly than you could ever ask or think.” That’s God.  Wow. So, the adventure continues. Keep me in your prayers. Out for now.


One comment on “Providence and Provision

  1. Hey! Good news, and thanks to God for His provision and care for you. I pray that this school/ place / sending is a blessing to you. PS miss you guys. Not like we ever got together much before, but still it’s true.

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