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TOC Meeting

Today I am here at Hollywood Road Education Centre. We’re having a TOC Meeting (Teacher on Call), discussing issues.

Obviously some teachers seem to have issues with things going on in their work days. Why does it seem to me that many of these things are non-issues? So many problems are fixed just by being a little flexible, understanding, and positive. People are bringing things up that I have encountered, but quickly dealt with simply by talking nice to the secretary and thinking of a solution.

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One comment on “TOC Meeting

  1. Yes. I agree. It’s not that these things don’t really happen. They do happen. Sometimes they are awkward, sometimes they are unfair. But they can be dealt with quietly, peacefully, and without getting all het up about things.

    Too bad, when there are real, significant “big” problems out there still. I wonder whether we begin to fuss over the small problems, when we realize that we cannot change the big problems. We get discouraged that we will never be able to “make a difference” in the way we once dreamed, and so shrink our focus, narrow the horizon. If I can’t change the world, then at least I will defend my supply of paperclips!

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