Teaching….young adults

evolutionI feel so delinquent in writing. Life has a way of grabbing one, and throwing them to the ground, and then, I just haven’t felt like writing lately. I have let my mind wander to many other thoughts activities.

On the shallow side, it’s the new TV season, so my wife and I are checking out new shows. Frasier still rocks – I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard since the Cosby Show and Home Improvement. I am a diehard Survivor fan, and CSI: Las Vegas is proving to me that great writing still exists. CSI Miami has gone the way of the dodo bird, as the writers no longer maintain their original vision. We loved Horatio’s character because of his bent towards helping people, helping the victims, but it no longer makes much sense. Law and Order: Criminal Intent is also one of the best written shows. We started watching House – we like the main character’s quirkiness, but his ability to allow himself to even consider an affair with a 17 year old has us quesy. Sure, he’s lonely, it seems, a man, yes, but the honour is lost. There has to be some honour in it for me. That’s why I love Survivor, because I can cheer for the honourable ones, and Jeff Provst is one excellent human being – he gets it. Ethan will always be my favourite winner, because he did it the right way, and what he has done with his money and fame since is an example of humanity at its best.

Last Wednesday, I had worked only one day so far this school year. Yikes. Things were starting to hurt. Well, I’ve worked every day since – 2.5 at RSS, 2 at HCS, 0.5 at RMS, and 2 (after tomorrow) at KCS. I could have worked in the district both Tuesday and tomorrow, but had to turn them down. And I work next Tuesday at another school. So, things are looking up. And I love what I do right now. It’s fun popping into a classroom and endeavouring to earn the respect of 25 teenagers. No really, it is fun. Look, I wouldn’t want to do what half of you all do either. I’d be bored.

I got to teach Biology 11 last Friday. And, wonder of wonders, explain the theory of Evolution to them (namely natural selection, convergent and divergent evolution). Wow. I told the teacher that I was clearly on the side of the fence labelled “theory” – he was fine with that (we graduated together in high school – great guy). I found myself teaching it, and stepping out about 5 times, saying “But….” There are just so many holes.

But the main thing for me was looking at their faces. This is the theory of our origins. There should be some excitement about that. But there isn’t. How do you get excited about, “We are on this planet by absolute chance, randomness, luck. By all right we shouldn’t be. It was an accident.” You can’t! And they weren’t. There is a boredom about talking about us being here as being in the same class as salmon fighting upstream, and the one with bigger jaw gets the girl. Oh, and some males get lucky, passing on their genes too. Yawn. And the thing for me was that even the unbelieving understand that.


3 comments on “Teaching….young adults

  1. hey darren! sounds like school is keeping you busy, my own work has just begun, and off to Langley for the on campus part in a couple weeks. How was “Organic Church?”

  2. Oh, dear. I’m sorry Darren. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for simply ages!

    That’s hilarious that you got to teach on evolution!! LOL. I’m not certain that you can take students’ boredom as a symptom of a flawed theory!! I know that even many keen Christians are not so keen to discuss the scientific aspects of our origins.

    I still don’t watch broadcast TV, but I do watch select shows on dvd. Many nights I prefer that to the full commitment of a 2 hour movie – I just want a little mellow thing, not to get dragged into the middle of the assault on Saipan (Windtalkers).

    The teaching does seem right up your alley – each new assignment is a bit like a very long improv hahaha.

    Hm, I need to be more diligent about writing, also. Why should it be a struggle to do the things we enjoy? Why would I end up doing lesser things instead? Hmm.

  3. Darren, Darren, where art thou Darren? We miss your posts!

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