Whose Box?

Tail of a Cat


4 comments on “Whose Box?

  1. Just waiting for you to say something …. yoo hoo? Darren? Did the report cards eat you?

  2. hello hello? hope summer is treating u well.

  3. Hey Darren,

    I have given troy evry message atha you have left and reminded him t ocall you. Sorry.

    He has been that way with a lot of people lately not just you. He is making some really great but drastic changes at the office and it has taken up a lot of his time.

  4. RYC: on My xanga,
    TV…technology basically. I remember reading a story in grade 5 or 6 about this very thing where technology would eliminate the need for friends and we would all go to school at home using our own comuters. I remember the strory scaring me. My parents reasurred me that owuld never happen because technology would never replace human contact. hmmmm so here we are talking over the internet. We ae only a few steps away from computer generated relationships.

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