Click here. Well worded, and great food for thought. I think my main question in response is, how do we foster the need to be alone? How do we encourage each other towards the discipline Jesus showed us in getting away from everyone to listen to the Father, in pushing each other towards the fight against this culture of distraction, entertainment, and hedonism?


5 comments on “stillness…solitude…community

  1. Hmmmmm. Lately I have tended to the opposite – a fear of attachment and hence self-imposed isolation. Being alone does not necessarily mean being closer to God of course. God’s nature is not loneliness but intimacy. I have in the past enjoyed being alone with the Lord, but lately He is pushing me to NOT be content there (although I find it easier).

    Distractions exist even when there are no people around. In fact, distractions appear even in the form of “Christian” books and such, which we would rather read than the Word. 😉 And you know how much I love reading!!

  2. Why doesn’t it show my first comment? Mysterious….

  3. It’s there – June 20th. “Hmmmmm. Lately I have tended to…”

    I am reading your comments,and appreciating them. But I am pretty wrapped up in report cards, and find little time to think or respond.

  4. ah – D’oh! Report cards! Of course. It’s one of those intergalactic warp zones that eats entire school faculties alive and then spits them back out into Summer. – lol – see you on the other side of the zone, then. 🙂

  5. Just a quick note once again Darren to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. I think that it would be great to get together with you and Krista and your wife and my kids and your kids and Jody’s clan and chat about things next time I’m down.

    Re: solitude – I have a hard time fostering solitude in my own life and walk with God, because I am drawn to busy-ness and activity. Maybe it was from living in a house where there was loud music 24/7, it seemed… :o) But I have a hard time with just quietness, and stillness. There always seems to be something to DO (I’m a working mom) and if not, I just want to sit and watch TV or fill the void with something (like sleep, lol).

    But if you read my Xanga, I would say that God is starting to draw me (or push me) in a different direction. I need to “come away and pray”. I need to seek Him. And time is a finite resource for all of us – we all have the same 24 hours. And there are “fixed expenses” with our time, things that must be done. Eating, sleeping, working…. So those discretionary minutes become that much more valuable. The price of real estate has just gone up. I cannot afford to waste time any more. If I want to go deeper with God, and I do, than I need to spend time seeking Him. I can’t sit back and be complacent.

    Have fun with the report cards!!

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