Well thank you so much for the ponderings – “Where have you been?”. Now, where have I been?

Holed up in front of my computer, trying to catch up on the end of the year here, and yard work. That pretty well summarizes my last week. Finding time to simmer on the keyboard has been very difficult.

My cousin gave us some free sod. Well, sod doesn’t last too long, kind of like that opened bottle of soda in the fridge. In no time at all it’s flat, dry, with no flavour to speak of. So Michelle and I have been frantically pulling weeds, rototillering, raking, collecting rocks, laying down mushroom manure (by the way, the only manure we have is in a pile beside the driveway, and it’s filled with irises we planted there last fall – at the time, she had no where else to put them – so, that’s more time….they look good where they are now), laying the sod, and finally cutting the sod and watering it. Whew. But the result – it’s SO MUCH NICER than all those weeds we had. The yard is really starting to take shape. Michelle’s mom said, “Wow! I can finally see the vision you both have for your front yard!” I’ll take that as a compliment. Funny how it’s been so obscured until now.

I love puttering around in the yard. It’s so relaxing. I begin to feel like Adam (or so I suppose), creating out of and forming nature some, cultivating our little garden of Eden. To watch all the growth, insect and plant alike, is amazing. And to shape it to the inspiration that is in our mind is like touching part of glory. I can smell it. I can feel it. That fairy like substance that speaks of another place drifts on the wind like white balls from a cottonwood tree. And my heart is filled with praise and thankfulness just by walking around.


3 comments on “Today

  1. I liked getting glimpses of insight into the Scripture, understanding some of the writing about vines, planting, seed, farmers, and weeds – things I had known intellectually before but never felt so viscerally as when I was out in the dirt. And, yes, I have nothing personal against insects and spiders. Some cannot be tolerated amongst the vegetables, but nonetheless I appreciated the marvel of God’s creation in them (even as I defended my basil and peas). If my main goal was “productivity,” I would have worked longer hours and bought more organic stuff from the market. The goal wasn’t the product but the process; not the having but the being.

  2. Funny how we must read weblogs to to the going on’s in our friends lives! I can not wait to see the yard when it done

  3. see now, this is the advantage of xanga – networks. ‘Cause over here in wordpress it seems to just be you & me 😉

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