Revolution: George Barna

Let me quote from George Barna’s new book – Revolution

“In the past awakenings, dynamic preachers went into society to bring people into a local church for further development. This era of spiritual growth is different. It features millions of individuals quietly using the weapons of faith that God has given them to be scions of transformation within the framework of their typical space and connections. The starting point is internal, not external: their message is their own transformation in Christ, made real in their words and deeds. Rather than draw people out of the world and into relationship with an institution, revolutionaries demonstrate what it means to be the presence of God wherever you are. This is a broad – based grassroots revival that has no single leader and no headquarters. The declaration of purpose is more than two thousand years old: the Bible.” (bold my own)

This is where I am thinking. This is where I am longing to be. If it means being separate from a formal relationship with a church body for awhile, then that's what I need to do, in order that the Spirit may work His work in me. I have found, for me, that the "discipline" of meetings, attendance, etc, has become a crutch, where I meet a fix, and the hunger for the presence of Christ is replaced with the nutrition of a "snack bar", instead of what my spirit craves. Meetings make my Christianity stale, where I am spoon fed everything from songs (I need worship) to words (I need the prophetic in my own life) to friendships (I need intimacy) (note: seeing people and chatting with them on Sundays is not intimacy).

The fruit and minstry are an offshoot of this. If Christ chooses to use me, I am here. Bu t if I haven't cultivated that personal sense of presence and worship in my own life, then all my "fruit" is rotten and spoiled. Thus, my exploration of community and public worship and fruit must all begin in the quiet of my own soul, in the presence of the Father. And I find myself more and more finding those times every day, instead of just on Sundays.


2 comments on “Revolution: George Barna

  1. Where and how do you tithe? Troy and I have other firends who are doing what you are doing but I was wondering about tithing?

  2. That’s difficult. My wife and I and differ on our views of what this should look like, so in order to work together as a couple, in unity, we need to make changes.

    What we’re mainly doing is keeping our eyes open for opportunities for giving, whether financially, time, or material. We’ve found that stuff does happen where we can give liberally, with joy.

    Recently, we learned of a single mom who had all of her stuff stolen. We were able to give her a lot of stuff that we didn’t need (mostly duplicates). We were able to give her the best stuff.

    We have enjoyed giving things to the Salvation Army, instead of having a garage sale or taking it to Second Time Around, and try to make a few bucks.

    I have given money at meetings I’ve been at, and there have been other things too. The main thing is to keep our hearts open, hold on to stuff lightly.

    I would like to see the giving be more disciplined, more sacrificial, but I won’t do that at the expense of my relationship with my wife. I think we need to be careful that it doesn’t become religious, or robotic.

    And I am eagerly seeking, overall, as a lifestyle, hospitality, here or there, where giving of myself and my time becomes normal.

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