Joining the WordPress Bandwagon

Well, I'm checking out this blog site called WordPress. It looks a LOT
better than Xanga. Funny, because Xanga is kind of like Kleenex now.

What I wanted was categories. Got 'em. Xanga? Unh-unh.
Wanted some better appearance themes. Got 'em. Xanga? Show them the money.
Wanted some better flexibility in writing, organization, etc. Yippee! Xanga? uhhhhh….

What I like about Xanga is that most of my immediate peer group is over there. So, I hope I can slowly luuurrrre them away.

Word press. Word press.

Then again, maybe there's better than this. Looking for that grass……


4 comments on “Joining the WordPress Bandwagon

  1. oh I didn’t see this post! I am not that internet savy lol so setting up another may take awhile. I do like this one.

    As for the peer group thingy so you mena your firends or other adults with content worth reading?

  2. It’s a little more work in wordpress – xanga is simple. I just wanted more flexibility, and so far I like it. (eg. pages, categories – categories seems like such a “duh” thing to me – I don’t know why xanga doesn’t have it)

    But the advantage of xanga is the instant connectivity with so many people I know. I like that. It takes a little more effort so far to get feedback, updates, etc. xanga makes it instant. Unless I’m missing something in wordpress. I have some ideas.

    Peer group? In this blogging, that would mean you, Krista, students who have commented, and who I have been able to read their blogs, and they have commented on mine. It’s neat. Provides connection.

  3. Ah, I see. I feel privilaged to be part of your peer group. lol

    No I am serious!

    BTW thanks for the comment on my site. Gentleman from Baton Rouge left some good food for thought you might want to check out his xanga http://www.xanga.com/Matthew_6_10

    Any how i am jsut doing an informal poll on the effects of words. I found it interesting that with that statement “Sticks and Stones” that the majority thought of memeories in there childhood! And the genaral consenses is that physical fighting was looked upon as juvenille and funny but harsh words cut deeper. Interesting. I know that death is is the power of the tongue. I just wanted other opinions on that statement.

  4. So Darren, SaxonMan, where are you? If you don’t update your blog we won’t know when to come looking?

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