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Latent Power of the Soul – Watchman Nee

I have some thoughts regarding Watchman Nee’s Latent Power of the Soul. I read the book about 3 years ago, and it impacted me greatly. I have come to the conclusion that it is a book that every Christian should read, as I think it is essential for understanding these times.
Without going in depth, my thoughts in point form are:
1) Satan is not out to “get” humanity so much as to use them. “Trafficking in the souls of men”, which Nee quotes from Revelations on the first page, shows that man is a commodity to him. So there is something very valuable in mankind that he wants. It is definitely not all about “causing God pain” as I was always taught.
2) What we have he doesn’t have. This follows, and goes without saying, but it is an important point. I think this goes along the line of being “fit extensions” as Tom Horn has brought out.
3) What we have is this latent power that Nee brings up. Satan wants to put man in a position where man uses the soul power, but since it is tainted by sin, this power is of no use to God. In fact, in its essence it is evil.
4) This is the most important point I believe, but not the conclusion. It is ESSENTIAL that Christians today learn to cap their soul power, to render it useless. We must be dead – it is no longer us that lives, but Christ that lives through us. The modern day church is in grave danger of doing things presumptiously, of doing great works without the Holy Spirit. Since this will be in sin, it is then usd by Satan. It must always be God, and never us, that does the “greater works”.
5) After reading Ken Johnson’s book on Pagan Religions (Doctrine of Emanations for this point), and hearing Marcus Samuel mention one night how the Great Deceiver has actually deceived himself, I believe that Satan actually believes he can win a war with God. What he wants in these last days is to build a spiritual pyramid, with all the zombies underneath, all connected, all using their power willingly, and Satan wants to direct this power at the throne of God. I truly believe that that this is his end goal, and mankind is becoming willing dupes.
Again, I believe it is the remnant’s task to make sure that it is always the Holy Spirit working, and not us. I didn’t get that teaching much in the church. It always seemed as if I was supposed to be “doing great things” in the name of God, using God’s power like a sword. I now realize that that fits right into Satan’s hand.
Latent Power of the Soul is essential reading.

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Ancient Humans of Paracas Are Victims of a Twisted Tale by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell at AIG March 6, 2014 – A response

Extra skull mass and volume does not equal headboarding
I read Dr. Mitchell’s article today. I can’t take the time to properly give a rebuttal to her cursory critique of the elongated skulls. But I felt it necessary to write a brief letter saying that I find it quite disappointing that AIG and Dr. Mitchell have so passively brushed off this issue. There are many many books now written about what Genesis 6 was all about, that “all flesh was corrupted”, who exactly the B’nai elohim were, and why it took a flood to deal with them. “As it was in the days of Noah” is not just about corruption and gluttony. 
I think Dr. Mitchell, and AIG in general, needs to take bit more time to do a bit more research on what “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown” actually meant. Jude and Peter both refer to this event, actually quoting the Book of Enoch in the process. The legends of giants are all over the earth. The pyramids are all over the earth. Something happened. The tribes of Israel actually encountered giants in Canaan. Goliath was really a giant. The Book of Jasher says – “and they practiced the mixing of species in order to provoke the Lord.” How did that happen?
And now we’re doing it again.
These skulls aren’t human. Straight up, no way. Anyone can see that by just looking at them. The rest of the evidence lays this to rest. So then what were they? Dr. Mitchell has not answered that question well enough, because she has passed it off without doing the research.
We’re in the days of Noah again. And the nephilim are returning, because the sequel to the twisted tale is being written. The Ancient Alien series is going strong for a reason, and if Christians pass this off as fantasy by a warped public mind, they are missing it extremely. How will the Christian respond when their hearts might “fail them for fear for the things which are coming upon the earth”?
Anyways, others with way more credentials and research have done a much better job than I. Please take the time Dr. Mitchell to read some of them. Do the research, just like you did when you studied for your degrees.
Thanks for your time.

God Must be an Ego Fanatic

I’ve often thought about things I believe, and reasons to defend them. It’s not always easy. Take worshipping God. On the surface, it’s hard to explain away an omnipotent deity who demands our worship. Why demand? Why when we read Revelations are there thousands of thousands gathered around His throne, worhsipping and praising and going on and on. In fact, we even see that in the Bible God has actually created some beings whose sole purpose it is to praise Him day and night, incessantly for all eternity. It seems, say, a little egotistical.

I’ve been reading “Destined for the Throne” by Paul E. Billheimer, a truly great book that used to be on my dad’s shelf, but I don’t think he ever read. Hopefully I’ll blog about the main thesis one day, but I wanted to focus on one quote that really stood out to me yesterday.

“For any created being to make itself or any other thing but God the center of his world is catastrophic and self-destructive” – p.97

Bang – it hit me, one of those thoughts that I’ve had or heard before but it never really sunk in. There is nothing else worthy of our worship, and if we don’t worship the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth, we will worship something else. And that false worship destroys us. We can’t say that we will worship nothing, because whatever we focus our attention on and our time on becomes worship. If we spend our money on ourselves and on entertainment, we worship those things. If we spend our time and money on doing good works, we worship the good works. If we spend our time and money in worship of Father God, of doing the things He is asking of us, of being His child and His Son’s betrothed, then that’s where our heart is. But we will worship. We can do nothing less.

And if we direct our attention away from Jesus, away from His written word, if our focus is “other than”, we destroy ourselves. Only God is worthy. Only Father deserves our praise. Only Him.

And that’s not egotistical. That’s how it must be, because we are talking about the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, only true God, who always was, and always will be, the First, the Last, our Redeemer, Saviour, and Lord of All Lords. I was meditating on the upcoming Passover the other night and the blood on the doorposts and lintel, and I felt Jesus say to put down the book for a moment, and when I did, He shouted clearly in my spirit, I AM THE DOOR! I AM THE DOOR! I   AM   THE   DOOR!

And I worshipped Him.

God has these created beings to worship Him because of Who He is. It can’t be any other way, because if it could, He would cease to be Who He is. He would no longer be the centre. He would no longer be the only true and living Word. He would no longer be eternal. He would cease to be Adonai and Yahweh.

So I choose to worship nothing else but the One that must be worshipped. And you know what? It sets me free.

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Libya – Another poster country for empire

Ever since the launch of Odyssey Dawn, I have been keeping my pulse on Libya. In fact, I admit that I didn’t know much about Libya before. Gaddafi was simply a weird, conceited man that who looked like a combination of Keith Richards and one of those guys who sang YMCA. And he is supposed to have been a brutal dictator who abused and killed his people indiscriminately.

At least that’s what we’re told. But if know anything of my journey the last several years, it gets harder and harder to believe anything we’re told. Why do we anyways? We were lied to repeatedly (as one tiny example) about those WMDS in Iraq.  Can we trust anything the media says anymore? There’s only 4 major multinational corporations that are all tied together with other corporations, oil, and governments. Shouldn’t we take a little more discriminating look at the facts before we pass judgment on Libya? A little late now, but the purpose of this article is to set the record a little straighter than “Take the mad dog out!”

Libya has (had….) the highest standard of living in the entire African continent. That’s a fact. As well,

1. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozy called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus
outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International
Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own
projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel
pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of
its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite
with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa,
December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of
$500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means
much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

The fact that our newly elected official oppostition, the NDP party of Canada, those saviors of the regular blue collar worker, voted unanimously to support Canada’s role in bombing Libya just serves to remind us that government is no longer to be trusted. I’m a little bitter because I voted NDP this last election. My own MP, when I asked him about this, informed me that the NDP decided to support this mission after being taught by Ed Broadbent, Alexa McDonagh, and Stephen Lewis that this was in the best interest of the world and of Libya, to remove Gaddafi from power.

And, let the drums roll please!!!!! (or are those war drums….), the same scenario is happening all over again with Syria and Iran.

I have a message for the war mongers – we don’t buy it anymore. Take our tax money, fight your wars, kill innocent people. Go ahead. We do not support these wars – we are against them. The blood which you desire so strongly will stain your clothes, your offspring, and your very heart, and the God of Justice will require it all of you. Their blood will cry out from the earth and will not bring what you think it’s going to bring.



March 9, 2009

On March 7, David Wilkerson wrote what he called an urgent message. To summarize, he writes, “AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. IT IS GOING TO BE SO FRIGHTENING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO TREMBLE – EVEN THE GODLIEST AMONG US.”

About two years ago, my wife and I began a journey of information that began with the realization that slavery is still going on in the world today. It moved to Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine”, which reveals the depths of evil the US and British governments have gone in order to being about our current state of globalization. From there, we found ourselves delving into a labyrinth of information and disinformation that has truly rocked our understanding of the world.

People we were listening to saw this economic crisis coming last May, and yet I still hear the MSM saying how no one saw it coming. Poppy cock. It’s been forecast for about a decade by people with sense who saw that the greed and deception would have to lead to collapse. We just never heard about it, because all the media is owned by four major corporations.

I gave a presentation at a school here to their Social Justice club around April 08. The question always is, when you start learning how the earth is really being run, how does one respond? My answer was then and is now to keep talking about it, keep reading, keep writing. But finally, we need to all disconnect ourselves from the machine and learn to look after ourselves. I mean, wow, in one single generation, we’ve basically forgotten how, as a society, to grow our own food! That by itself is simply incredible. Why? Because we’ve allowed others to do it for us. It’s easier. It’s simpler. It’s cheaper. And it’s costlier. It’s costing us our freedom, our health, and in the end our very lives.

We bought chickens.

We cut off our TV subscription, and were able to cut a $100/month communication bill to $50.

So as my wife and I were living day to day, we were keeping our spiritual ears wide open. And we knew, that soon, we didn’t know when, something was going to be coming down the pipe. Something big, something bad, something earth changing. I sat down last summer with a local politician to get their viewpoint on local food production. She was telling me then how over the last year she had met with scores of people who all felt that something was changing, something in the air. Already we were preparing, slowly.

As Christmas approached, and we turned our hearts toward the New Year, I knew things were going to get bad. I made serious financial decisions that I carried through with in January. And the time came for us to get serious about the thought that had been growing in our heart.

Prepare. It’s time to prepare. The word for us has been that if we are not prepared, in our lives, in our souls, in our heart and spirit, then we are going to be laid waste by what is going to happen. We don’t know what, but we have set our face and feet like a flint towards our soon and coming King.

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Preserving humanity

The idea that humans are to be considered special is more vulnerable than you would think

Photograph by: Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images, Citizen Special

By Margaret Somerville, Citizen Special August 20, 2010 (The Ottawa Citizen)


Wrestling with difficult questions is routine work for ethicists. But some are much more difficult than others. Recently, an editor asked me one that falls in the former category: What did I believe was presently the world’s most dangerous idea?

I replied, “The idea that there is nothing special about being human and, therefore, humans do not deserve ‘special respect,’ as compared with other animals or even robots.” My response might seem anodyne and a “cop out,” but I’d like to try to convince you otherwise.

Whether humans are “special” — sometimes referred to as human exceptionalism or uniqueness — and, therefore, deserve “special respect” is a controversial and central question in bioethics, and how we answer it will have a major impact on many important ethical issues.

Although I will frame this discussion in a very limited context of whether humans merit greater respect than animals and robots, it should be kept in mind that not seeing human beings and human life as deserving “special respect” would have very broad and serious impact far outside this context. It could affect matters that range from respect for human rights, to justifications for armed conflict, how we treat prisoners, how we run our health-care and aged persons’ care systems, the ethical and legal tones of our societies, and so on.

Although all living beings deserve respect, which certainly excludes cruelty to animals, traditionally, humans have been given special respect, which brings with it special protections, especially of life. In practice, we have implemented this special respect through the idea of personhood, which embodies two concepts: all humans are persons and no animals are persons. But the concept of “universal human personhood” — the idea that all humans deserve special respect simply because they are human — and excluding animals from personhood are both being challenged.

Some philosophers are arguing that at least certain animals should be regarded as persons in order to give them the same rights and protections as humans. Alternatively, they argue that humans should be regarded as just another animal, which results in the same outcome, a loss of special respect for human beings.

Princeton philosopher, Peter Singer, takes this latter approach. He believes that distinguishing humans from other animals and, as a result, treating animals differently, is a form of wrongful discrimination he calls “speciesism.” In short, he rejects the claim that humans are special and, therefore, deserve special respect.

Rather, he believes the respect owed to a living being should depend only on avoiding suffering to it, not on whether or not the being is human. That means that what we do not do to humans in order not to inflict suffering on them, we should not do to animals; and what we do to animals to relieve their suffering and regard as ethical, we should also do for humans. Consequently, we don’t eat humans, therefore, we shouldn’t eat animals. We allow euthanasia for animals, therefore, we should, likewise, allow it for humans.

To such philosophers, the attribution of personhood should not depend, yet again, on being human, but on having certain characteristics or capacities to function in certain ways — for example, being self aware; having a sense of one’s history and, perhaps, of a future; and possessing a capacity to relate to others.

Following logically on that, these philosophers then argue that some seriously mentally disabled humans and babies, who are among the most vulnerable, weakest and most in need members of our societies, are not persons, and, therefore, do not have the protections personhood brings, for instance, protection of their right to life. And, likewise, they propose that at least some animals should be regarded as non-human persons on the basis that these animals have some of the characteristics of personhood that the humans they regard as non-persons lack. They propose that animals which are self-conscious, intelligent, and have free will and emotions comparable to those of humans, should be treated as non-human persons.

But this idea that simply being human does not mean one deserves “special respect,” rather, the respect owed to a “being” depends on its having certain attributes, is not only a serious danger to vulnerable humans. It could also lead to situations in which robots would be seen to deserve greater respect than humans and ethical restrictions on what we may do to change human life would become inoperative.

People who believe the kind and degree of respect owed to an entity depends on its intelligence, would argue that some super-intelligent robots will deserve more respect than humans. They define intelligence narrowly, as logical, cognitive mentation and, for them, these robots are more “intelligent” than any humans. This approach has far-reaching and serious implications, well beyond the degree of respect that should be shown to an individual human, as compared with an individual robot.

If there is nothing special about being human, there is no essence of our humanness that we must hold in trust

for future generations. That means we are free to use the new technoscience, as the transhumanists advocate we should, to alter humans so that they become “post-human,” that is, not human at all as we know it. In other words, there would be many less or perhaps no ethical barriers to seeking the transhumanists’ utopian goal, that humans will become an obsolete model. This would be achieved through our redesigning ourselves using technoscience — or perhaps robots doing

so. Instead of our designing them, they could redesign


We used to regard humans as special on the basis that they had a soul, a divine spark, and animals did not. But, today, far from everyone accepts the concept of a soul. Most people, however, at least act as though we humans have a “human spirit,” a metaphysical, although not necessarily supernatural, element, as part of the essence of our humanness. Some philosophers see the ethical and moral sense humans have as distinguishing humans from animals, which also have consciousness. They believe humans are “special” because of this moral sense and, therefore, deserve “special respect.”

I’m an incurable optimist and I believe that open-minded persons of goodwill, whatever their beliefs, will conclude that humans deserve special respect in the sense that there are some things we should not do to humans, even if we might do them to animals or robots, although what we currently do to animals needs very careful ethical consideration.

Implementing and maintaining “special respect” for humans will require that we recognize humans as having innate human dignity that must be respected, and that we regard as unethical interventions that contravene that dignity, such as designing our children, making a baby from two same-sex people, creating human-animal hybrids, cloning humans, using human embryos as a “manufacturing plant” to produce therapeutic agents, euthanasia, and, with the new neuroscience, perhaps most worrying of all, designing, controlling or intervening on our minds.

It’s true that we need to have greater respect for all life, not just human life. But implementing that respect should not be by way of denigrating respect for humans and human life, which equating humans to animals and to robots does. We are not just another animal in the forest or another robot in the laboratory and promoting the idea that we are is, indeed, a very dangerous one.

Postscript: After writing this article, I was curious to know what some of my friends and colleagues would consider to be the world’s most

dangerous idea at present. When I asked them, a large majority answered, without hesitation, “religion.” That caused me to ponder how their choice correlated with my choice.

Whatever they believe, the adherents of militant fundamentalist religions, or any other militant fundamentalism, certainly do not act according to a principle that all humans deserve “special respect.” Like the secularists, they also categorize people, in their case, as believers or infidels and believe only the former deserve respect. To the extent that my colleagues see religion as a root cause of this lack of respect for some people and view that as a serious harm, my most dangerous idea and theirs are concordant. But, over millennia, most religions have been the main institutions carrying and passing on to future generations the idea that humans are “special” and deserve “special respect.” So, from that perspective, our most dangerous ideas are in direct conflict.

This “dual use” potential sounds an important warning. As with all ideas, even the idea that humans are “special,” or the practice of religion, can be used not only for good, but also for harm. We need to be aware, always, that we must seek to maximize the former and to minimize the latter.

Margaret Somerville is director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University, and author of The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit.
© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen

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The Growing Tree of Knowledge

There’s a famous story we all know that goes like this. A woman lived in this beautiful place. Everything she had need of was there. She was in love with her husband, and with her God. She was content, for all her needs and wants were met, even though there was one restriction – she was not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. But this creature, this serpent, this being of light, came and told her, “Why be content? Of course you can eat this fruit. Your God doesn’t want you to be like Him, for God knows that in the day you eat it, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as a god, knowing good and evil.”

Now think – if that were true, why did God place this fruit in the garden in the first place? He didn’t have to create it. Adam and Eve never would have eaten it, never gained that knowledge, and never have lost their place. Yet Yahweh did place the tree there, the temptation, the possibility of disobedience, and there it was. Perhaps it was a cruel trick, meant to torment Adam and Eve for eternity, to torture them as they saw the delectable fruit, day after day, calling to them, “Eat me! I’m juicy, and sweet, and will make you wise beyond your wildest imaginations.” Or perhaps creating this plant had a different purpose. It all depends on what character we think God has. Is He good, or does He like to torment us? Are there boundaries for us, or are we limitless, as…..a god?

As my entire faith was laid waste in the “Believe-nothing-question-everything” environment of university, there were two truths I could not reason away – God exists, and God is good. Nature alone tells me this, just as Paul espouses in his letter to the Romans. So I lean completely towards the former choice. If so, then what is the problem with knowing good and evil? Well, there is something I am seeing, and watching, and I am putting out a clarion call to anyone that has the ears to hear it. The clamouring after knowledge, of all types and kinds of knowledge, and the breaking of boundaries, is growing, and leaping beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The “bringer of knowledge” is tickling the ears of those who are listening, and it is leading us towards another Tower of Babel. God said then that “nothing will be restrained from (us), that we have imagined to do.” We are now at another day, when mankind is becoming one again, and the thoughts of men’s hearts are continually bent towards evil.

Whatever the result is, it will be cataclysmic, and that’s not an understatement.

What is this knowledge moving towards? Is it moving towards:

  • finding sustainable energy for all peoples of the earth to use?
  • growing quality food for all peoples of the earth to eat?
  • providing cheap, long lasting shelter for all peoples of the earth to live in?
  • providing quality health care, though most health problems would easily deteriorate with the improvement of the above topics?

The answer is no. Until you finally open your blasted eyes and realize that your leaders do NOT have your best interests at heart, that they are NOT simply making stupid mistakes, you will continue to sit around watching LOST (how appropriate) and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, or vainly attempt to elect another powerless local representative to “Christianize” Ottawa or Washington.  Why can I say this? Consider what we see instead, MASSIVE funding and time going towards:

  • particle smashing – the CERN collider cost a staggering 9,000,000,000 dollars, and more because of cost overruns and breakdowns. The yearly operating budget is on top of this. Theoretically, it could create miniature black holes, or even open portals to other dimensions.
  • space research – why do we spend so much time and resources on something that is simply so far off? Don’t we have enough to clean up down here? Do we really think that most of the earth will ever see the benefits? Or will it go only to the few that can afford it?
  • nanotechnology – Vaccines have been produced that deliver the dose through a “nano-patch”, and robots have been developed that are smaller than the eye can see. Man is literally learning how to create things at the atomic level, building structures atom by atom.
  • robotics – The ability to navigate surfaces, walk more human like, shake a hand, and use garbage, or dead corpses in the battlefield, as biofuel (like a stomach…) are examples of how robotics is changing rapidly. Visions of Neo gazing out over millions of fellow humans batteries rise here.
  • cybernetics – the merging of man and machine is taking off. There are toys now that allow the user to manipulate objects on a screen, or even the airflow that causes a ping pong ball to rise, with just their brain. This is now old news in the field, as the reverse engineering of the body is growing every day.
  • genetically modified foods – in the name of feeding the earth, corporations like Monsanto, arguably one of the most evil corporations ever to become a person (and here), has created and monopolized the world’s food industry with their genetically modified seeds. Watch “The World According to Monsanto“. Just so you know, Monsanto created PCBs and Agent Orange. Instead of helping to form farming practices like Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms, or Vandana Shiva of India, Monsanto would rather control it all.
  • cloning – cloned meat is now in the American food supply and in the British food supply.
  • DNA research, leading to things like bringing back extinct species. Soon there will be a DNA store, where you can purchase pieces of DNA for your own basement laboratory.
  • DNA manipulation, mixing animals with plants, and even humans. Now think: if scientists have mixed animals and humans, what haven’t they done? Or if they haven’t done it, where will they stop? They already have patents on 20% of your own genes!!!
  • Studies that are seeking out any beings that are not of this world – the SOPHIA project

Billions of aid, the world over, was raised for Haiti. Yet the country is still in squalor. The people have hardly seen any of it. And this is symptomatic of the whole system. Money is not being spent on making people’s lives better. It’s being spent on the ever growing tree of knowledge.

Consider Technocalyps, a mind blowing documentary that summarizes extremely well the burgeoning Transhumanism movement. From the website: “The accelerating advances in genetics, brain research, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology seem to converge to one goal: to overcome human limits and create higher forms of intelligent life and to create transhuman life.”

Transhumanism is a fledging movement, and so is hard to pin down concretely. According to Wikipedia, it

“is an international intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. The movement regards aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death as unnecessary and undesirable. Transhumanists look to biotechnologies and other emerging technologies for these purposes. Dangers, as well as benefits, are also of concern to the transhumanist movement.

The term “transhumanism” is symbolized by H+ or h+ and is often used as a synonym for “human enhancement”.[2] Although the first known use of the term dates from 1957, the contemporary meaning is a product of the 1980s when futurists in the United States began to organize what has since grown into the transhumanist movement. Transhumanist thinkers predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman”. Transhumanism is therefore sometimes referred to as “posthumanism” or a form of transformational activism influenced by posthumanist ideals.”

Another transhuman guru is Nick Bostrom. From his paper Transhumanist Values:

Transhumanists view human nature as a work-in-progress, a half-baked beginning that we can learn to remold in desirable ways. Current humanity need not be the endpoint of evolution. Transhumanists hope that by responsible use of science, technology, and other rational means we shall eventually manage to become posthuman, beings with vastly greater capacities than present human beings have.”

According to Ray Kurzweil, “There’s even exponential growth in the rate of exponential growth. Within a few decades, machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence, leading to The Singularity — technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history.” Knowledge is doubling faster and faster. It only goes to reason that at some point, it will grow so fast that it will break a “barrier”. This is called the Singularity. It is that moment in time when man ceases to be man, and begins to be transhuman, post human, greater than human…..a god.

This summer, there is going to be a conference in San Francisco called The Singularity Summit. It’s now a yearly conference, and by no means the only one of it’s kind. A brief look at some of the offerings include, AI Against Aging, Reverse Engineering Brains is Within Reach, Modifying the Boundary Between Life and Death, and Nonhuman Intelligence: Where we Are and Where We’re Headed. Lest you think that this is just the gathering of a bunch of quacks, Transhumanism and all its components not only have huge amounts of dollars to work with, but also some of the greatest minds in the world working towards its goals.

What are we doing? What is all this about? Why in God’s green earth should we care? Because what God created isn’t good enough. God’s ways aren’t enough. We can do it better. We can do it better than our own Creator.

Let’s look again at the Tower of Babel – “Behold, the people are one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Those are God’s words – as we become one on this earth, nothing that we imagine to do will be impossible for us. If we can dream it, we can do it. There’s only one problem; we still have this heart of flesh that is bent towards evil, a result of that first fruit eating that Adam and Eve had.

The feathered serpent, the dragon, the snake, Lucifer, is traditionally, in most cultures of the world, recognized as the bringer of wisdom and knowledge. I quote from a satanic site:  “Satan is the bringer of knowledge. The goal of Spiritual Satanism is to apply this knowledge and transform our souls into godhead, as was originally intended by our Creator God Satan.”

This is the goal. If one looks into many cultures of the past, whether they be Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, or Aztec, this is where the gods lead, to an enlightenment that brings mankind into godhood.

Man is dabbling, nay, actively pursuing….no, even that is too weak. Man is now locating and opening doors,  in all the areas that God has set limits on. “Every animal after its kind” is no longer on the table. It’s goats with spiders. The very genetic code of life is in jeopardy. GMO corn is now out in the biosphere, and we’re never going to be able to remove it. What are the long term implications? The scientists, and those who fund them, don’t care. The entire earth is now one giant laboratory, and we are all part of the experiment.

Is it just greed? I learned awhile back now when I read The Shock Doctrine that greed is not enough to explain the moral vacuum of the decisions that are made on this globe. Is it just lust for power? That’s much closer.

In the end, it is the desire of certain people to open more and more doors, so that finally, doors can be opened to usher in the darkest age ever known to man, when the gods of the ancients will return once again.

It’s not time to be Kingdom building. The Kingdom of God is within people’s hearts – it’s internal, not external. It’s not time to be saving for your retirement. There’s not going to be one. It’s not time to plan vacations, or build a new house, or remodel the bathroom, or purchase the next gizmo from China (please click this one if you think our lifestyle here is Godly), or look forward to the next Super Bowl Party. It’s time to purify ourselves. It’s time to humble ourselves and repent of the blood on our hands, of our casualness, of our sin against Father’s pure and holy, and simply much better, ways. Our Bridegroom is coming. He’s coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, one that is anticipating His return, looking for His coming, and knows His voice.

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matthew 16:25


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